Legal Learning Study Skills Workshop

Welcome to the Legal Learning Study Skills Workshop, a feature devoted to helping you achieve your goals in law school from Carolyn Nygren, author of the Starting off Right in Law School series of books.

Going to law school requires a significant commitment of time, energy and money. You want to do your best at every step along the way. Most students need some guidance at three points in their career as a law student.

1. Before your first day in law school, you should learn basic information about the legal system and law school so that you will be able to understand what is expected of you right from the beginning.

2. During your first semester, you will need to learn the study and exam preparation skills necessary for law school success. They are different from those that worked for you as an undergraduate!

3. After three years of law school, the final hurdle is the bar examination. Often for the first time students must learn how to take multiple choice exams on legal material and relearn some essay writing skills. Nobody wants to take the bar exam more than once.

This site provides help to get you through each of the stages of your law school years.

Pre-Law Students

Current Law Students

Bar Candidates - Bar Exam

There is a special section for foreign lawyers who are or might be interested in working towards an L.L.M.

Foreign Lawyers & Students

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